sweets processing 5-6/2021




Dear readers,

By Dr. Bernhard Reichenbach, Chefredakteur

Boy, become a baker”, my crisis-tested grandmother once said to me, “people always eat.” Even in times of crisis, when apparently less essential things like art and culture are put on the back burner and everyday items like food come to the fore. As a result, manufacturers and distributors of confectionery, baked goods and snacks and their suppliers have less reason to complain in the current situation – even if some things may not going optimally. Other sectors are worse off.

The past pandemic-dominated months have awakened increased environmental and health awareness among consumers. Plant-based products that are produced sustainably and promote health are increasingly coming into focus. This is shown by our trend article in the “Ingredients” section and our report on a Bulgarian manufacturer of food supplements based on local herbs.

In the “Technology” section, we present two renowned equipment providers: the drying system manufacturer Harter, whose systems are in increasing demand in the food industry thanks to the preservation of the aroma and appearance of the dried products, and the company Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen, an innovative developer and competent consultant in the field of new and used machines for the confectionery industry.

The topic of packaging is also not neglected in this issue: at the German Packaging Congress 2021, which recently took place as a virtual event for the first time, numerous experts and leaders from business, politics and NGOs presented forward-looking solutions and strategies.