28/06/2024 | Packaging

Sappi: Tomorrow’s flexible packaging is starting now

Sappi Europe’s innovative barrier coating machine is driving the development of next-generation functional papers As a global leader in paper-based packaging solutions and always at the forefront of innovation, paper manufacturer Sappi Europe continues to pioneer the shift towards sustainability. The company is offering the industry’s most extensive portfolio of functional packaging papers with a focus on compelling alternatives to multi-layer material and plastic packaging. Sappi supports its partners – brand owners, converters and printers – by ensuring product safety and compliance with stringent packaging regulations, while promoting the circular economy. As a result of Sappi Europe’s investment in a new barrier coating machine at its Alfeld site, Germany, the manufacturer’s next-generation functional papers are ready to meet rigorous future requirements.

- Sappi’s barrier papers are designed to replace non-recyclable materials

- They guarantee product safety for both food and non-food products

- Sappi’s functional papers incorporate over a decade of expertise in barrier technology

- New barrier coating machine in Alfeld reflects the company’s commitment to innovation For over a decade, Sappi has been at the forefront of the functional papers market, developing effective alternatives to conventional multilayer and plastic packaging. The company’s extensive range of barrier papers is conceived to replace non-recyclable materials such as paper-film laminates and extrusion-coated papers – providing flexible, innovative solutions to address the most diverse packaging requirements. Sappi’s papers feature integrated barriers – depending on the application, with high, medium or low-barrier properties – against oxygen, water vapor, grease, aroma, mineral oil and with added heat-sealability. This ensures that the quality of food and non-food products is preserved – whether they are packed in sachets, flow-wraps, pillow bags, doypacks or stand-up pouches. As the world pursues its search for sustainable packaging alternatives, Sappi remains dedicated to developing solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of both the market and the environment.