08/05/2023 | Packaging

Syntegon with stable business development in 2022

Packaging system provider Syntegon looks back on a stable business development in 2022. The company with 5,800 employees at 37 sites in 20 countries increased both order income and sales last year despite the persistent challenges of the global supply chain crisis. Order income rose by 3.0 % from EUR 1.50 bn to EUR 1.55 bn, while total sales increased by 2.6 % from EUR 1.41 bn to EUR 1.44 bn. Global machine sales accounted for two thirds of total sales; the remaining third was earned with Syntegon’s service offering. At EUR 49 m, R&D spending in 2022 was higher than in the previous year (EUR 46 m).

Sales in 2022 were generated in roughly equal parts in the most important markets around the globe: 32 % in Europe, 33 % in North America, and 35 % in Asia and the rest of the world. America’s share increased slightly, while Europe’s decreased somewhat. The process towards increased automation, accelerated by the Covid pandemic, continued in 2022.

Last year, Syntegon experienced strong demand for its processing and packaging technology in the food industry, particularly in North America, and especially in the chocolate and candy bar market segments.