16/03/2024 | Technology

Case Packer Elematic 3001 from Syntegon: Extended features with three levels of automation

Syntegon’s Elematic 3001 WAH case packer now comes with Syntegon Operator Assistance – a feature for assisted format changeovers. Syntegon has been building case packers at Remshalden for 60 years. Today, the packaging experts are further optimizing format change processes and are adding the new feature to the tried-and-tested Click system. It helps companies from a wide range of industries to increase the level of automation of their packaging processes and make format changeovers more consistent, user-friendly and efficient. Users can choose between different options for guided, verified or semi-automatic size changeovers. “The new features can be used both independently and in combination with each other,” says Bernhard Vaihinger, Strategy & Product Management Secondary Food Packaging. With Guided Size Changeover, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the message-in-place screens show machine operators step-by-step instructions. These indicate which format parts and settings need to be changed. LEDs provide additional guidance as to where the task needs to be carried out. If users opt for Verified Size Changeover, every setting and format part is automatically checked via RFID technology. This eliminates production interruptions and downtime caused by incorrect format parts. In combination with Guided Size Changeovers, manufacturers can achieve efficient processes during which every step is automatically confirmed. In the Semi-Automatic Size Changeover option Syntegon Operator Assistance ensures a particularly efficient size changeover thanks to intelligent drives at the format points. Operators select the desired format at the touch of a button on the HMI and the machine automatically moves in position in a set sequence.