24/11/2021 | Packaging

Sappi invests in its energy sourcing to renewable bioenergy

Sappi has approved an investment more than EUR 10 m in Kirkniemi Mill in Lohja/Finland which enables a switch in its energy sourcing to renewable bioenergy. With this investment, the mill’s direct fossil greenhouse gas emissions will reduce by around 90 %, which is equivalent to 230,000 t/a of CO2.

The project, set for completion in early 2023, will contribute significantly to Sappi Europe’s decarbonisation roadmap by exiting coal at one of its last facilities partially using this fuel type. Biomass will then be used in Kirkniemi’s multi-fuel boiler, built in 2015. The move advances the company towards its 2025 targets which include reducing specific greenhouse gas emissions by 25 % and increasing renewable energy share to 50 % in Europe compared to 2019.

The investment will establish the equipment needed to receive, store and handle woody biomass like the bark, sawdust and wood chips used for biofuel production. Such biomass types are by-products from the forest-based industry and utilizing them for energy production derives further value from the forest resource. In addition to increasing share of renewable energy, Sappi’s mills are also focused on reducing energy consumption.