06/05/2020 | Packaging

Sappi on LinkedIn: the latest on sustainable packaging solutions

News from Sappi Packaging and Speciality Papers is now available on yet another channel: the LinkedIn business network. The company is already presenting all the latest news about sustainable packaging to more than 350 followers and other interested readers – with its own topics as well as news relevant to the industry.
A few weeks ago, Sappi Europe initiated a new English-language LinkedIn channel. At, the market leader in functional paper packaging is presenting readers with news from its own product portfolio, cross-sectoral news and interesting facts about sustainability. This enables the company to network and exchange directly with customers, interested parties and partners.
The focus of the new LinkedIn site is on Sappi’s ecological functional solutions that open up new possibilities in the field of paper-based packaging. The channel also offers professionally prepared information on new, innovative products, Sappi’s commitment to sustainability, as well as current topics. Followers are encouraged to actively contribute with their questions and suggestions to the globally active paper manufacturer.