05/12/2019 | Industry, International

Cargill invests USD 113 million in Ivory Coast and Ghana site expansions

Cargill is investing over USD 113 m to expand its cocoa processing sites in Yopougon, Ivory Coast and Tema, Ghana. According to the company, a USD 100 m investment will increase production capacity at Yopougon by 50%, creating 85 full-time local jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs, while a USD 13 m investment increases capacity at the Tema site in Ghana by 20%. To meet customer demand, a significant share of the additional capacity in Cargill`s cocoa processing plant in Yopougon will be fully dedicated to produce Gerkens® deeply rich brown cocoa powders.

At the same time, Cargill is also investing USD 12.3 m over the next three years to expand sustainability and supply chain traceability programs in the two countries. This is a combination of a USD 7.7 m investment in Ivory Coast, and USD 3.4 m in Ghana in programs that will enhance the safety and well-being of children and families in cocoa farming areas and provide a more transparent, traceable cocoa supply chain for customers and consumers.

Explaining the expansion of the processing plants Lionel Soulard, managing director Cargill West-Africa said: "We aim to shift a greater share of our global grinding activities to the countries of origin, so we can support the establishment of a broader, local agri-food industry. Working directly with both governments and other key stakeholders, we are committed to economic growth, building sustainable local businesses and diversifying sources of income for cocoa farming communities."