18/11/2021 | Ingredients

Cargill’s “bright white” chocolate to visually transform bakery, confectionery and ice cream

Dazzling bright white chocolate destined to be a big hit on Instagram is the new brainchild of Cargill, drawing inspiration from the adage that “you eat with your eyes”. The new “whiter than white” chocolate line has been created to help transform sweet treats into real eye-catchers with added visual intensity. To achieve the extraordinarily white colour, Cargill engineers first carefully selected ingredients and used patented, proprietary processes to lighten the colour profile.

Cathrin Simon, Commercial Marketing Manager, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, says: “We found nearly six in ten consumers ranked visual appeal as one of the top three factors in their purchase decisions. Similarly, colour and appearance have significant influences on bakery and ice cream purchases.”

While “bright white” was created for visual appeal, its flavour profile is advanced – a rounded taste with subtle vanilla flavour and a luxurious texture. It is clean label containing no extra or artificial ingredients. According to the producer, the chocolate is ideal for enrobing and decorating and can be used in bakery, cereal, confectionery and dairy applications. It is available as solid or liquid chocolate and easy-melt formulas.