07/11/2023 | Technology

Food-tech company Divaks selects Bühler to develop its first industrial-scale yellow mealworm plant

Lithuanian insect producer Divaks has selected the Swiss technology group Bühler to build its first commercial-scale yellow mealworm plant. Scheduled to go into operation in 2025, the plant will produce up to 15,000 tonnes of sustainable insect-derived products annually. Bühler will be responsible for planning and executing the plant as well as providing solutions for the entire supply chain. Following the establishment of its pilot facility in May 2022, Divaks has now taken a major step towards its first industrial-scale yellow mealworm plant. Divaks’ site, which is located in Lithuania’s Marijampolė Free Economic Zone, spans an area of 10,000 square meters. Encouraged by the opportunities in this market, the company expects to double its production in the new facility by 2030. In the new plant, Divaks will produce yellow mealworm (scientifically known as Tenebrio molitor), which is an environmentally friendly, nutritious protein source that can be used in applications including meat alternatives, sports nutrition, snacks, and confectionery as well as premium pet food. The residue from the mealworm production (or insect frass) will be utilized as organic fertilizer, as it contributes to healthier soils, fostering a circular economy approach.;