19/09/2023 | Ingredients

Perfect with Herbstreith & Fox Pectin: Sugar-reduced fruit applications

Sugar is an age-old food with the power to exert an irresistible attraction on our palate. In the meantime, however, the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption on our health are well known. The topic of “sugar content in food” is receiving plenty of media attention around the world, and not only among health-conscious consumers. In some countries, legislation is now also setting targets that aim to reduce the amount of sugar in food. For example, in 2018, the UK introduced a sugar tax on high-sugar drinks to encourage manufacturers to formulate their products with less sugar.
At the same time, world market prices for sugar have risen due to numerous factors, which means that the food industry is increasingly looking at sugar-reduced recipes, including for cost-related reasons. These developments are reflected in the growing demand for sugar-reduced product variants as a substitute, or to complement classic product ranges.
Herbstreith & Fox offers optimal solutions for the development of sugar-reduced formulas and recipes. Our experienced professionals have developed specialised H&F Pectins, and work with our customers on specific functional properties to ensure a perfect solution for sugar-reduced fruit applications. By using our tailor-made, targeted or individually developed specialised pectins, high-quality fruit applications with optimal taste and texture can be developed, meaning that even the sugar-reduced variants meet the sensory requirements of consumers.

The results of the Statista Global Consumer Survey Content Special “Food & Nutrition” from 2021 and another Statista Survey from 2022 clearly illustrate the continuing trend towards a sugar-conscious diet: 42% of survey participants generally want to take a sugar-conscious approach to their diets, while 56% of consumers pay close attention to sugar content when buying processed foods. 

Increasing awareness of sugar consumption and a growing interest in low-sugar alternatives show that consumers are actively choosing to reduce their sugar consumption. Sugar is an essential ingredient in many sweet foods – such as confectionery, drinks and fruit spreads – as well as in many savoury products, such as sauces, bread and sausages. While consumers consciously want to enjoy the sweet taste in confectionery, they are often surprised by the amount of “hidden” sugar in savoury products.