10/11/2022 | Ingredients

Advertorial: The safe way to create confectionery with the perfect texture – Flexible and tolerant pectins from Herbstreith & Fox

Gummy confectionery and jelly products are a segment of the confectionery industry where trends like vegan, vegetarian or functional ingredients are presenting developers with many new challenges. Manufacturers and consumers have high expectations when it comes to the taste, consistency and look of treats. The texture of your product can be easily adjusted using the flexible and tolerant H&F Pectin: creating anything from brittle and firm through to gum-like and chewy confectionery. The fruity flavour is naturally supported, enabling a smooth, shiny cut.  

Technological benefits of H&F Pectin:

✓ flexible and tolerant functionality

✓ excellent castability

✓ reliable gelification

✓ easily adjustable gelling speed

✓ very tolerant towards functional ingredients

The ultimate decision as to which pectin is used is dictated primarily by the specific requirements of the end product. The experienced application engineers in the H&F team will support you in finding the perfect product solution.

For more information about different applications like sugar-reduced confectionery, fruit gums with less gelatine or confectionery enriched with functional ingredients, check out:

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