15/05/2023 | Ingredients, Technology

GEA to install sustainable heat pump solution at Arla Foods

GEA received an order from Arla Foods AKAFA to install the GEA AddCool sustainable heat pump solution at its facility in Svenstrup/Denmark. The dairy manufacturer plans to produce milk powder at this site using a more sustainable process. GEA’s AddCool technology halves a plant’s consumption of fossil fuels and its associated carbon footprint. The new system not only reduces the carbon footprint of Arla’s spray drying plant (GEA MSD 315 spray dryer) by 50 % but also reduces the plant’s fossil fuel consumption by more than 50 %. In addition, the GEA AddCool system delivers ice water to the existing system, reducing the need for cooling capacity. This will increase the total efficiency of different approaches on the site, making it more sustainable overall.