16/09/2022 | Ingredients

Malaysia imports 250,000 t cocoa to meet domestic demand

Malaysia’s cocoa production is insufficient to fulfil domestic demand, so the country imports the commodity. The Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) is encouraging smallholders to plant cocoa alongside other crops to increase their income.

Malaysia’s cocoa production of 100,000 t/a is not enough to meet the cocoa industry’s demand of 350,000 t/a. The country has to import the difference to meet domestic demand. MCB will apply to state governments across the country for land allocation to promote the cultivation of quality cocoa.

Dr Ramle Kasin, Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) Director General: “I hope cocoa smallholders all over the country unite to increase the production of quality cocoa beans.” According to Dr Kasin, the government is looking at ways to overcome the problem by increasing upstream activities of the cocoa industry, especially the cultivation and growing of cocoa in the country.