01/07/2022 | Industry, International, Technology, Trends

Bühler Networking Days 2022: rising to global challenges together

At the Bühler Networking Days 2022, which took place on 27 and 28 June, about 1,000 representatives of leading global companies from 95 countries gathered at the Bühler Group global headquarters in Uzwil/Switzerland. They discussed how urgent it is for companies to work together to accelerate the transition to sustainability. The meeting is also proof that these companies want to lead the way in addressing the climate crisis, protecting and restoring nature and biodiversity, and closing the prosperity gap.

The Bühler Networking Days gathered representatives from companies that together feed four billion people and move two billion people. They heard from leading academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators about how businesses can best meet today’s global challenges.

Opening the event, Bühler Group CEO, Stefan Scheiber, told guests from the food, animal feed, and mobility sectors that despite businesses recently facing myriad obstacles, the examples of vaccine research, advances in digitalization and the development of communication at scale during the lockdown all demonstrated the capacity of business to rise to global challenges when required.