03/08/2021 | Ingredients

Paradise Fruits creates new health division for functional snacks and confectionery

Natural ingredients business Paradise Fruits by Jahncke has invested in creating a new division for the fast-evolving health product market, including devising functional snacks and confectionery. As the company noted, its development has been sparked by the rapid emergence of wellbeing based foods and supplements, that have heavily influenced global market trends amid the pandemic. According to the business, its new Paradise Fruits Health division will offer a variety of innovative fruit Shapes with high fruit content and stand-alone products fortified with vitamins, minerals and extracts that can help to enhance the wellbeing of consumers.

Paradise Fruits Health has already developed a range of fruit Shapes designed specifically to provide food supplements carried by a plant-based matrix that can be called almost functional confectionery. The recipe contains a higher fruit content than many other similar products available on the market and can be fortified with vitamins and minerals as well as other ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, or extracts.

Bodo Mittmann, Chief Sales Officer, says: “Unlike much other vitamin-infused confectionery, our new Shapes fortified with vitamins and minerals are high in fruit and without gelatine so not only offer a convenient and delicious way to end pill fatigue but are even more appealing to health-conscious shoppers. The launch of these new Shapes will be the first of many we have planned to support our customers in developing products to meet the consumers desire to eat healthily and, at the same time, to pursue sensible and individual nutritional supplementation”.

New Paradise Fruits Health’s Shapes are available in bespoke fruit and vegetable flavouring combinations, are free from artificial colours and preservatives, are EU-allergen-free, palm oil free possible, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets.