17/11/2015 | Ingredients

Healthy indulgence by Paradise Fruits

Healthy products and consuming regular and balanced quantities are increasing in importance more and more. To meet the growing need for healthy products, Paradise Fruits by Jahncke is focussing on ‘Healthy indulgence’ Paradise Fruits Solutions as a producer of high quality, natural fruit ingredients and snacks presents new Fruit Juice Drops with added and natural vitamins at the FiE in Paris. Fruit Juice Drops were designed as a snacking product but also perform extremely well in baking applications such as muffins and sponge cakes as well as in ice cream. Additionally, the company will focus on its lower sugar fruit granulates and join the trend of healthy eating without compromise in taste and texture.

Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried (Pa­radies­frucht GmbH) concentrates on new flavours. With combinations from fruits and herbs such as rasp­berry thyme crunchy, the company will present new trends at the FiE. Also its Smoothee Bites have been developed even further, with fruit and vegetable combinations in its unique freeze dried form. As an alternative and healthy snack, they are becoming increasingly propular. There is no limit of creativity for the combination of natural ingredients. Fortification with superfoods like baobab, maca, acai or spirulina is possible also.

For Paradise Fruits Solutions and Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried the trend is healthy indulgence. The company serves this trend with 100% natural products such as Pure Fruit Shapes and Fruit Juice Drops from Paradise Fruits Solutions or Smoothee Bites, Crunchy and freeze dried fruits from Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried. Natural healthy ingredients also in new flavours will continue to grow in popularity in the future.