19/06/2020 | Industry, Ingredients, Packaging

SternMaid operates new line for contract filling orders

The contract manufacturer SternMaid has commissioned a new filling line thus offering a diversity of equipment for filling products into different packs for the downstream food industries. FIBCs, sacks, boxes or drums – the line can re-fill powdered food ingredients from any initial container into almost any other pack format the customer wishes.

Depending on the shape of the container, the station can be equipped with different filling heads and supplementary functions. Its modular structure permits flexible product changing. The company guarantees adherence to quality and safety standards with protective screening and metal detection. It also meets the requirements for allergen management and organic products.

Mark Riemer, SternMaid’s commercial manager explains: “Re-filling powders from large containers into smaller packs, or vice-versa, is often a challenge to our customers from the fields of raw material production or downstream processing. Raw materials in powder form are often delivered in FIBCs, for example, but for further processing they may be needed in sacks, boxes or drums. SternMaid can undertake this re-filling as a service; it can also put the products into intermediate storage and deliver them to the recipient. For the customer, that means a saving in time, personnel, and ultimately costs”.