12/09/2016 | ZDS

Sweet Tec 2016: Confectionery goes global

Each year the Sweet Tec confectionery products congress presents a special theme. This year’s ­upcoming Sweet Tec from October 26th to 27th will highlight influences and effects ­on the global confectionery market. The congress will examine current ­market trends and regionally-specific influ­ences and provide recommendations to attendees on how to best handle their effects. Numerous speakers from the raw materials and machinery sectors will report on their experiences in the global confectionery prod­ucts bu­siness.
Dr. Carlo Prinz from Germany’s ­Federal Ministry for Food and Agri­culture will address the effects of the EU’s sugar quota system, which is set ­to ­expire with the current sugar beet harvest as the final cultivation subject to the current quota regime. The poli­cy change will induce significant changes on the EU sugar market starting in ­October of 2017. Some of the things ­­to be affected by these changes include: the relationship between sugar beet farmers and sugar factories; the future scope of sugar beet cultivation; price development within the EU in­ternal market; the necessity of risk hedging instruments and other items.
Heike Quendt from Quendt Inno­vation GbR will address another exciting topic. A nutritional science gra­d­u-ate, Ms. Quendt will speak about vegan trends in the confectionery industry. She will cover data and facts ­and other important items on the ­veggie boom with an overall view regarding food, the media and restaurants, etc. Issues she will cover on vegan products themselves include: an ­examination of additives for taste, ­texture and appearance; legal framework such as the EU Food Information Regulation and Germany’s VEBU vegetarian and vegan association; ­vegan plant-based fats and proteins and more. Another 20 or so speakers will discuss a range of topics aligning with Sweet Tec’s motto “Confectionery goes global”.