sweets processing 7-8/2021




Norevo offers whitening agent without titanium dioxide

The current decision by EFSA to classify titanium dioxide as a “no longer safe additive” poses major challenges for manufacturers in food production. The use of industrially produced colour pigments in the food sector is widespread, but is also increasingly viewed critically by consumers and included in their purchasing decisions. Norevo now offers a unique alternative to manufacturers of pancoated products: Quick White.

Quick White is a whitener that was specially developed for pan-coating applications in the confectionery sector. It is based on specially selected fibre and carbohydrates with multifunctional properties. Only ingredients that can be labelled without E numbers are used.

The specialty compared to titanium dioxide lies in the properties: Quick White is not a colour pigment and as such it is not a colouring raw material. During the coating process, it forms defined crystals, which cause optimal light reflection and thus develop a white surface after just a few layers. Another advantage in the application in industrially automated coating with spray systems is the absence of the common blocking problem of the spray nozzles, as it is the case with other titanium dioxide alternatives.