sweets processing 7-8/2021




Dear readers,

By Dr. Bernhard Reichenbach, Chefredakteur

Networked, remotely controllable “smart homes”, autonomous driving with the help of sophisticated sensor technology, collaborative robots or “cobots” that can work safely with humans without special protective devices – the future is more and more becoming the present. This also applies to the production, packaging and logistics of confectionery, baked goods and snacks, where cobots are increasingly gaining a foothold. Our article about the young company Smart Robotics, which sells corresponding robots, shows the advantages that the flexible helpers offer even to small and medium-sized companies.

Advantages in the production of the mentioned delicacies are also offered by high-performance inspection technology, with the help of which costly and image-damaging recalls can be avoided. In our “sp portrait” we introduce Mesutronic company, which has made a name for itself worldwide as a specialist for foreign object inspection systems.

Another interesting company is SACMI Packaging & Chocolate. Their General Manager for the D-A-CH region, Herbert Hahnenkamp, provides information in an interview about the ambitious goals of the solution provider for choco-late production and packaging, and how he wants to reach SMEs in particular.

The production of chocolate is also the subject of a contribution from science. It shows how the service life of highly stressed chocolate moulds can be extended. They are exposed to heavy loads such as temperature fluctuations while they are circulating through dosing systems. However, the influence of vibrations is often underestimated.