sweets processing 3-4/2021




Dear readers,

By Dr. Bernhard Reichenbach, Chefredakteur

When is chocolate actually chocolate? According to German food law, a product made without natural sweeteners – like, for example, a dark bar with 100 % cocoa content and no sweetener at all – is not chocolate. According to the German Federal Ministry of Food, however, novel products aimed at sustainability that are made from 100 % cocoa components may call themselves “chocolate” if, for example, cocoa juice is used as a sweetener.

Chocolate production is one of the main topics in this issue. In the “Ingredients” section, we present a new range of fats that can be used to produce a “super compound” that can replace up to 100 % of the cocoa butter in a chocolate recipe. This is said to reduce the cost of formulations by up to 40 % – without compromising on quality or product stability.

The “Technology” section is also about chocolate: The industrial manufacture of chocolate products is technically demanding. The development manager of a renowned confectionery machine builder has summarized the basic knowledge about chocolate masses and their shaping in a well-founded way.

Another focus of this issue is the topic of “packaging”. The use of plastic packaging is not without controversy. In our special section “Smart Packaging”, the managing director of a medium-sized packaging producer sheds light in an interview on a product group with many facets and positive properties. Furthermore, we report on the advantages that a particularly compact packaging system offers a prestigious marzipan manufacturer.