09/07/2024 | Technology

WDS: Mogul technology – an unexpected product variety

Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) supplies solutions for every conceivable jelly product, whereby the company attaches great importance to creating customised solutions. Aerated confectioneries are also produced in large variety. Agar milk foams which are also widely known as the Bird's milk or soufflé may also be multilayered or filled (with chocolate cream, fruit jelly or caramel) produced on a Mogul plant. In addition to the chocolate-coated confectionery chocolates also jelly confection is made with a Mogul plant. Some Carrageen products have achieved already wide acceptance. Due to rapid gelling, Carrageen is very suitable (like pectin) for filled jelly products. A special case in the Mogul technique are crusted pralines. The principle of crusted praline manufacture is that a sugar supersaturated, hot liquor solution is poured into hot starch and through the inevitably occurring dehydration of the liquor solution the sugar begins to crystallize in the outer layers. In order to have a uniform crystallization (crystals fall rather in the solution), the staple of starch trays must be completely turned after a few hours. For this purpose, there are special turning devices available. The starch stacks are here laterally not open but completely closed so that the product and the starch cannot fall out. After completion of crystallization, the products are also depowdered and cleaned carefully in the depowdering unit, so they can be afterwards immediately coated with chocolate to delicious liqueur pralines!