18/06/2024 | Packaging

Pawi Group AG publishes 2023 Environmental Report – sustainability as a corporate mission

Pawi Group AG has published its 2023 Environmental Report, which provides a comprehensive insight into the company’s progress in the areas of energy management, the circular economy and social sustainability. As a leading provider of packaging solutions in the food and non-food sector, Pawi is committed to creating a holistic sustainable future. Energy management is a key focus of the sustainability strategy. The decision to connect to district heating in Winterthur (Switzerland) and the use of photovoltaics in Singen (Germany) are key measures for reducing the environmental footprint. A further focus is on developing more sustainable packaging solutions. For example, Pawi is developing soy water-based films for paper strip window bags in collaboration with ETH Zurich. “Our aim is to make a significant contribution to environmental protection through the use of renewable energies and efficient technologies,” explains Edoardo Finotti, Co-CEO Operations of Pawi Packaging Schweiz AG. Pawi has also made great strides in social sustainability by introducing the sociocratic organisational structure at the production site in Singen as well. This structure aims to promote a positive corporate culture and strengthen employee participation and responsibility. “The introduction of sociocracy enables us to create a working environment in which every voice is heard, and every employee can actively participate in decisions,” says Ralf Kautzmann, Managing Director of Pawi Packaging Deutschland GmbH.