02/02/2024 | Ingredients

Döhler: Peach Fuzz – 2024’s Colour for Trendy Food and Beverage Concepts

In the ever-evolving world of the food, beverage and nutrition industry, Döhler is showcasing an extensive portfolio of natural colour solutions which also captures the inviting shade of this year's trend, 'Peach Fuzz'. “Peach Fuzz”, Pantone®'s Colour of the Year 2024, symbolizes an invitation to health and joyfulness! For over a quarter-century, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced a wide array of industries including food and beverages, architecture, cosmetics and fashion. Each year’s impactful colour is chosen through an analysis of socio-economic and political trends, cultural shifts and evolving consumer preferences. Peach Fuzz 13-1023, with its velvety peach tone, represents kindness, joy and well-being, reflecting an attitude towards life that is longing for calmness and a balanced way of living.