25/11/2023 | Ingredients

Hydrosol: Functional and economical solutions for vegetable fat and mixed fat creams

They store better, keep longer, and offer clear cost benefits: Cooking and whipping cream based on vegetable fat and milk protein have several advantages over conventional cream. The final products are more stable and feature attractive properties. What’s more, vegetable fat is generally available at all times. Stabilizing specialist Hydrosol offers many different stabilizing and texturing systems for individual product solutions, and its latest development is a system for making mixed fat cream. Manufacturers can learn about these concepts at FiE in Frankfurt, at booth 3.1D160. Hydrosol also offers new ideas for applications, for example a whippable vegetable fat cream to which a fruit juice concentrate can be added while whipping, for a fruity cream alternative with stable foam that is ideal for desserts, cakes, and cupcakes.