20/11/2023 | Packaging

Resource efficiency in package printing – Südpack expands SPQ to include rotogravure printing

It reduces ink and solvent consumption while simultaneously optimizing print quality – with its innovative SPQ technology for flexo printing, Südpack already offers potential carbon savings for package printing. The manufacturer has expanded the range of use for the innovative printing process to also include rotogravure printing and now offers an alternative that is not only highly efficient, but also conserves resources. Using the technology for rotogravure printing requires the complete standardization of machine and process parameters as well as smart color management. And just like for flexo printing, all of the designs are mapped automatically in the pre-press stage using a reduced color palette.

Thanks to the PUR-based (polyurethane) color system, the ink is also suitable for pasteurization and sterilization. This opens up a wide variety of options for applications that involve heating, for example for packaging ready meals, pet food or baby food. The technology is also ideal for finishing flexible films for high-quality, fast-moving consumer goods, such as coffee, tea or confectionery, because it can also incorporate metallic colors, like gold or silver, as well as coatings for texture and other finishes. The process is also suitable for imprinting Digimarc digital watermarks.