01/02/2024 | Technology

ADVERTORIAL: Bi-Ber: Machine vision systems for empty mould check

The German machine vision expert Bi-Ber has been supplying camera systems for confectionery for more than 25 years now and has immense experience in this special industry. The most important application is a range of systems for optical empty mould check based on colour image processing. The systems are installed directly above the conveyor and, working at line speed, check whether the moulds contain product residues, fragments or splashes. The series currently comprises four options for varying line layouts with limited available space, each of which can be designed for different mould widths. In addition, customer-specific adaptations and tailored inspection systems are possible. Cameras, lighting and a touch panel PC are integrated in a single or two separate stainless-steel cabinets, depending on the model. Thus, there are suitable solutions for retrofitting in existing production lines, too. Recently the system’s software was enhanced by multiple new functions. The teach-in of similar moulds is facilitated by allowing users to copy entire parameter sets for editing and adjusting. There is a new efficient automatic function for correct mould position detection, which also provides useful data to machine builders about potential belt elongation. At customer's request, the manufacturer has also added an archive function for browsing the most recent images with negative results.

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