06/07/2023 | Packaging, Particulars

Company founder Gerhard Schubert has passed away

Gerhard Schubert, the founder and shareholder of leading packaging machine manufacturer Gerhard Schubert GmbH in Crailsheim, Germany, passed away peacefully on 4 July 2023 at the age of 84.  

With his passing, the packaging industry has lost a defining figure and an extraordinary personality.

In 1964, the trained mechanic setted up up his own engineering & design office in 1964. Only two years later, Gerhard Schubert founded the family-owned & -operated company which developed into one of the most innovative and successful companies in international packaging machine manufacturing. To this day, his visionary ideas of a modular robot-assisted top-loading packaging machine continue to influence modern packaging technology around the world.

With his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial daring, Gerhard Schubert built the small company into an international group of companies over a period of decades and took the family business to the forefront of the world’s packaging manufacturers. He always remained down-to-earth and deeply connected to the region surrounding his hometown of Crailsheim. In addition to his two sons Ralf and Gerald Schubert, the next generation of grandchildren is now working in the company.

Gerhard Schubert’s passing is a great loss. But on his life’s journey, he left traces that will reach far beyond his time with us. He once very aptly described himself: “Yes, I am a visionary. A designer must have vision.” And this vision – to build “the best packaging machines in the world” – is one that he brought to life with flying colours.