31/01/2023 | Packaging, Particulars

Schubert Packaging Automation: Dominik Streicher new Chief Operating Officer

Schubert North America LLC, a leading supplier of top loading packaging machines (TLM), has appointed Dominik Streicher as Chief Operating Officer for its Canadian entity Schubert Packaging Automation Inc. in Mississauga/Ontario. The new COO is joining the company from Gerhard Schubert GmbH, the headquarters of the Schubert group, located in Crailsheim/Germany. Dominik Streicher joined Schubert in 2000 and has gained more than ten years of valuable experience in electrical engineering, before taking on his management career in sales and project management. In his most recent position, he has successfully led the global project management team of the entire Schubert group. During the last seven years, he was strongly involved in projects with Schubert’s North American customers and has been able to build strong relationships.

With a total revenue of 73 m USD in 2021, and with continuous growth in recent years, Schubert North America has built a strong presence in Canada and in the USA. With its Canadian location in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto, Schubert offers strong customer support.