19/01/2023 | Ingredients

Alland & Robert’s new acacia gum-based vegan texturing agent substitutes gelatin and pectins

French ingredients player Alland & Robert has launched a timely ingredient using acacia gum: Syndeo Gelling provides an innovative and multifunctional solution that brings stabilizing, gelling, thickening, binding and texturing properties and mouthfeel improvement to plant-based formulations.  

One of the key challenges faced by food manufacturers, and in particular manufacturers of confectionery, gummies and other marshmallows, is that many of these products call for gelatin as an ingredient usually made from animal-derived collagen. Yet, today, consumers are more conscious of diet, the environment and ethics, so they seek products formulated with plant-based ingredients. “Syndeo Gelling is composed of gum acacia mixed with natural hydrocolloids of plant origin. It can therefore be used in the formulation of vegetarian or vegan food products,” says Dr Isabelle Jaouen, R&D director at Alland & Robert.

The properties of Syndeo Gelling provide a suitable solution for confectionery manufacturers looking for gelatin substitutes. Being of plant origin, it improves the image of confectionery and has a lower environmental footprint than products of animal origin. This product does not alter the sensory characteristics of jelly sweets as it offers thickening, stabilizing, bulking and binding qualities to recipes for confectionery, jelly sweets and marshmallows. It preserves the tasting experience and even feels pleasant in the mouth. It is odourless, colourless and neutral-tasting. Its versatile formulation is suitable for various confectionery applications and even for other textured products with gelatin, such as creams.