30/11/2022 | Ingredients

ChickP whips up flexitarian interest with chickpea ice cream

Israeli start-up ChickP has developed a chickpea protein isolate designed for plant-based ice cream. The company joined forces with ice cream manufacturers Vaniglia to create a prototype of plant-based ice cream based on ChickP’s protein isolate, pegged to rival dairy equivalents in taste and creaminess.

Chickpea is a green rainfed crop that does not require large amounts of irrigation or fertilization. ChickP’s protein production requires less land, water and energy, cumulatively resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions. The company is actively pursuing a zero waste goal by utilizing the entire chickpea seed, protein, starch, fibers, etc.

According to the company, the main challenge was to address consumers who are not strict vegans but rather flexitarians. These consumers look to reduce their animal-based food consumption but will not compromise on the full taste experience when it comes to plant-based foods. The pure protein produced from chickpeas has all the benefits without the downsides: high functionality, high nutrition value and sensory experience – neutral taste and smell. Thanks to that, ChickP was able to overcome this challenge and provide a tasty, rich and creamy textured ice cream, which at the same time is non-allergenic, non-GMO and eco-friendly, using its protein isolate as the main ingredient. Using the ChickP protein shall allow plant-based manufacturers to give up most stabilizers and additives.