17/06/2022 | Packaging

Aetna Group acquires packaging specialist Meypack

Aetna Group, a leading producer of end-of-line packaging systems, has acquired the German company Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH. Meypack is a technology leader appreciated mostly for the quality and innovative capacity of its end-of-line products, which are used, among other things, in the food sector at an international level.

The acquisition is part of Aetna Group strategic plan to grow externally, to establish a production presence in countries with a manufacturing vocation, and to expand the product range in the food and personal care sector. Meypackʼs internationalization will be further enriched by taking advantage of the presence of Aetna Group subsidiaries in the main countries of the world, so that the Italian 1670-employee company will be able to increase its penetration in German-speaking markets.