02/02/2022 | Technology

Advertorial: Machine vision solutions for inline inspection in confectionery

A traditional field of application for vision systems is the confectionery industry. Here, many quality features or product characteristics can only be checked visually. A varying appearance of the products and different error classes are common. Precisely for these reasons, image processing solutions for this area pose a particular challenge.

Bi-Ber has been supplying camera systems for confectionery “made in Berlin” for almost 25 years now and has got a big experience in this special industry. Examples for Bi-Ber’s solutions are the all-round 2D inspection of chocolate bars, the quality check of toppings or waffles as well as the 3D check of bars with triangulation sensors. In this application immediately before packing, the bars move through a line laser at a speed of up to 70 m/min. The resulting laser profiles are evaluated by a camera. The bar profiles are mapped to comparable properties and compared with the product specifications. For this, the system considers, for example, maximum dimensions, defective surfaces or missing outer contours.

Bi-Ber vision systems are Windows-based and equipped with modern GigE or USB3 colour cameras. They have multilingual firmware and modern software interfaces and functionality.
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