06/01/2022 | Packaging, Particulars

Schur Flexibles with new group management

In recent years, the Schur Flexibles Group has grown rapidly and has established itself as a leading company in the field of flexible packaging solutions in Europe. In October 2021, the B&C industry holding became the 80 % majority shareholder of Schur Flexibles with Lindsay Goldberg private equity company still holding a 20 % stake.

The focus continues to be on profitable growth with a particular emphasis on optimizing processes in the group’s operations. This makes

Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga (47) the appropriate person to take over as CEO from within the group’s own ranks. As the former head of operations, he is familiar with every facet of the enterprise. Juan Luís Martinez Arteaga has been responsible for the entire production and procurement divisions of Schur Flexibles since 2018 in his role as COO. His leadership saw the Centre of Excellence concept of the European production sites expanded both in terms of innovation capabilities and technological skills, along with the area of sustainability. The native Spaniard brings many years of leadership experience thanks to his international management career in the global packaging, construction materials and automotive industries, where he held top management positions at companies such as Saint-Gobain and Constantia Flexibles.

For the position of CFO, a financial expert with substantial industry experience has been recruited in the form of Mathias Breuer (39). Until recently, Mathias Breuer was CFO of the Sempermed division of Semperit AG Holding.

With these two appointments and the long-term confirmation of Marek Pawlak (53) as CSO, the realignment of the group’s management has been secured. Marek Pawlak, recently appointed CSO, is an internationally experienced manager who has been working for Schur Flexibles Group and its predecessors for around 30 years. In his long history with the company, he has contributed significantly to its development. With his wide-ranging management expertise, he most recently implemented successful growth steps for the group as Sales Unit Head and previously as Managing Director of several group production facilities.