15/12/2021 | Industry

Südzucker third quarter earnings significantly above previous year

In the third quarter of current fiscal year 2021/22 (1 September to 30 November 2021), Südzucker AG according to preliminary figures increased consolidated group revenues about 17% to about € 2.04 bn (previous year: € 1.74 bn). The consolidated group operating result rose by about 90% to about € 126 m (previous year: € 66 m). According to the company, the significant improvement in the operating result is mainly driven by the sugar segment with a positive earnings contribution of about € 9 m (previous year: - € 28 m) and by the CropEnergies segment with an increase in earnings to about € 56 m (previous year: € 29 m).

In the first nine months of current fiscal year 2021/22 (1 March to 30 November 2021), consolidated group revenues reached about € 5.64 bn (previous year: € 5.09 bn). Due to the good development in the third quarter, first nine months cumulated consolidated group operating result came in significantly above previous year’s level reaching about € 260 m (previous year: € 195 m).