17/08/2021 | Ingredients

Hochdorf Group grows organically in the first half of 2021

A sense of optimism could be felt in the Hochdorf Group in the first half of 2021. The company was reorganized in line with the strategic foundations created the previous year, and Bimbosan AG was successfully integrated into Hochdorf Swiss Nutrition Ltd. Despite the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, new customers and markets were acquired and new products were successfully launched in Switzerland and abroad. Nevertheless, further measures are necessary to master the Hochdorf Group’s tight financial situation and to strengthen the balance sheet.

In the first half of 2021, the Hochdorf Group processed 218.9 m kg of milk, whey and cream (liquid volume) in Switzerland (PY: 187.9 m kg; +16.5 %) and sold 32,356 t of products (–30.2 % compared to the previous year). This resulted in a net sales revenue of CHF 140.3 m (PY: CHF 158.3 m). The decrease was a result of the divestments made and liquidations initiated in 2020. On a comparable basis, the result therefore corresponds to solid organic growth of 8 %. The gross profit fell by around CHF 12 m, resulting in an Ebit of CHF –8.6 m (PY: CHF 1.2 m). The net result at group level is CHF –9.0 m (PY: CHF –4.0 m).

Ongoing delays and postponements of projects as a result of the Covid-19 impact make it impossible to estimate precise production volumes. Nevertheless, Hochdorf expects a stronger second six months, benefiting among other things from higher order intake.