23/06/2021 | Ingredients

Epogee unveils fat replacement technology designed to “reinvent the chocolate bar”

Epogee, a developer of EPG, the ingredient that eliminates most calories from fat, has revealed its ingredient is now a key component in Gatsby Chocolate’s latest line of better-for-you chocolate bars. Touted as “a breakthrough,” Gatsby’s product release achieves unheard-of calorie reduction while maintaining melt-in-your-mouth indulgence by using EPG’s GMO-free, plant-based fat alternative technology.

EPG is a fat ingredient derived through innovative food technology that functions like traditional fats but dramatically lowers calories without any trade-offs to taste, texture or digestion. Gatsby Chocolate bars have less than half the calories of regular chocolate bars and approximately one-quarter of the sugar, yet, they retain everything that makes chocolate chocolate.