03/05/2021 | Packaging

Sustainable through digitalization: Multivac becomes an R-Cycle partner

Multivac joins the cross-company initiative R-Cycle. The aim is to jointly drive forward the circular economy for plastic packaging on the basis of an open and globally applicable tracing standard.  

R-Cycle records all recycling-relevant information from the production process in the form of a digital product passport and makes it available for recycling. To retrieve the stored information, a machine-readable mark – for example a QR or digital watermark code – is applied to the packaging. In this way, waste sorting systems can use market proven detection technologies to identify fully recyclable packaging and form pure fractions within the recycling process. Precise sorting and transparency regarding the exact composition (types of plastic, printing inks, adhesives, additives, etc.) are key to obtaining high-quality recyclate for high-value recycling.