14/04/2021 | IT/Logistics, Packaging

Multivac Marking & Inspection: successful roadshow in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

Well practised in being close to its customers: during the pandemic, Multivac counts on a roadshow to provide comprehensive and personalized information to customers about its innovative labelling solutions. A 3.5-ton truck was on the road in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the beginning of September 2020 to the end of March 2021. The truck was equipped with a L 310 full wrap labeller, together with brochures, sample packs, suitable label materials and state-of-the-art presentation technology.

Full wrap labelling offers a wide range of options in terms of pack design. A typical application is the replacement of cardboard sleeves on skin packs of different product protrusion heights, as well as MAP thermoformed packs or trays in a wide variety of shapes. Variable data, such as for example best-before date or batch number, can also be printed directly onto the label.

The truck covered around 12,000 km in September and November of last year as well as March of this year, travelling throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the team visited a total of 55 customers at their production sites. There was a very positive response by all customers, particularly given the current Covid situation. Further tours in the neighbouring European countries are already being planned for the coming warmer season, and these will feature a wide range of innovative labelling and inspection solutions.