20/11/2020 | Industry, Ingredients, International

La Morella Nuts introduces its Mediterranean Nut Craft to the world

Specialty nut expert La Morella Nuts, who creates nut based ingredients full of taste and goodness for artisans and brands, announced global expansion after decades of experience in Mediterranean Nut Craft in Spain. With the expansion, the Mediterranean Nut Craft expert taps into the growing need for healthier indulgence and plant-based products around the world.

“With our brand La Morella Nuts, we offer artisans and brands nut-based experiences that are tasty, nutritious and good for the planet,” Pablo Perversi, Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Quality Officer and Global Head of Gourmet at Barry Callebaut, said. “Exactly what the next generation of consumers around the globe is looking for. That’s why today we further expand our services from the Mediterranean nut groves to the globe.”

La Morella Nuts will further expand in Europe and Asia Pacific. North America’s expansion starts in 2021. With the new plans and the opening of its Global Center of Expertise for nuts, La Morella aims to provide solutions to brands and artisans across the world. To provide solutions to brands and artisans, the state-of-the art centre in Reus/Spain, combines expertise in taste and texture, sourcing and sustainability, as well as application knowledge.