04/11/2020 | Packaging

Multivac Group: Dr Christian Lau assumes overall responsibility for manufacturing

As Executive Vice President for Manufacturing, Dr Christian Lau becomes responsible with immediate effect for manufacturing within the Multivac Group. As part of this function, he also becomes Managing Director of the two subsidiaries, Multivac Lechaschau and Multivac Bulgaria Production, as well as Chairman of the Board of Multivac Taicang/China. Multivac is an important employer in Tyrol: the specialist packaging company has had a production site for more than 45 years in Lechaschau, where it currently employs around 340 staff.

Dr Lau has been at Multivac since July 2010, and in his most recent role as Executive Vice President he has been responsible for the Thermoforming Packaging Machines Business Unit. He studied Business Administration and Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, and he subsequently gained his doctorate in Production Technology at Munich’s Technical University.

“One of Multivac’s main features has always been its high level of in-house vertical manufacturing, which enables it to meet the requirements of highest quality and greatest innovation,” says Guido Spix, Group President of Multivac. “It is for this reason that the company’s Manufacturing Division with around 1000 staff has a very high status. Working in close cooperation with all our manufacturing business units, Dr Lau will drive forward our supply chain strategy to the ongoing benefit of our customers.”