30/09/2020 | Ingredients

Ivory Coast to increase cocoa processing and storage capacity

The Ivory Coast Coffee and Cocoa Council (CCC) announced that the country will be building two new factories in the next two years to increase its cocoa processing and storage capacity by 14 %. The two new factories will be located in Abidjan and San Pedro. With the Ivory Coast neighbouring Ghana producing more than 60 % of the world’s cocoa, the new plants aim to add an extra 100,000 t to the 710,000 t of cocoa processing capacity.

Ivory Coast and Ghana agreed last year to sell cocoa at a premium to ease farmer poverty. The factories will add 300,000 t of storage which allow suppliers to hold back beans from the market to buoy prices and help maintain that premium for farmers.

The new factories will be built from a USD 389 m Chinese investment. China Light Industry Design Engineering Company will build the factories and, in return, 40 % of output will go to China.