08/07/2020 | Ingredients

Symrise partnership to promote cultivation of white grapefruit in South Africa

Symrise has entered into a partnership with South African white grapefruit supplier Klaus Böcker. White grapefruit provides a valuable raw material to Symrise to produce signature tastes for confectionery and beverages. White grapefruit taste is harsher than the pink or red varieties which tend to be milder.

The German company Klaus Böcker has installed technological equipment into the production line of white grapefruit enabling the upcycling of side streams that would otherwise go to waste. This approach will enable Symrise to improve its environmental footprint and also to expand its citrus range with further unique taste profiles.

The company also intends to invest in long-term partnerships with South African farmers to improve agricultural practices and good yields, delivering high-quality products while supporting local families. The cooperative unites nine large-scale and 96 small-scale farmers. The factory Nkwaleni Processors in the KwaZulu-Natal province on the East Coast of the country can process up to 50,000 t of citrus fruit per year and is specialized in processing grapefruit.