07/07/2020 | Ingredients

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten targets confectioners with new sweetened condensed milk recipes

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, specialists in sweetened condensed milk, is reacting to current market trends with new product varieties and packaging options. Sweetened condensed milk (SCM) is mainly used in the production of high-quality caramel fillings, chocolate bars, pralines, toffees, ice cream and many other confectionery products. It provides the typical caramel taste but also influences the desired consistency and mouthfeel of the finished product.

The company, part of the Uelzena Group, is one of the largest manufacturers for SCM in Europe, supplying major brands and companies in the confectionery industry. To further strengthen this position, the company is expanding its range of products for industrial customers and is also investing in a new, flexible filling line for bag-in-box systems to open up completely new markets.

Completely new products are being added to the range. Examples are sweetened condensed milk with the addition of vegetable fat, purely vegetable alternatives without milk or even replacing the sugar with certain sugar substitutes.

Common packaging systems for SCM are sterile steel containers, drums and loading in tankers. Various bag-in-box systems (BIB) are also becoming more widespread, such as one-way and reusable containers with filling quantities of up to 1,000 kg or cartons with a capacity of up to 25 kg. Yet, currently, there is a strong demand for small BIBs with a capacity of 5 kg or more. They are used for smaller requirements of more artisanal processors from the confectionery, baking craft, ice-cream parlours and small specialty manufacturers.

Therefore, WS Warmsener Spezialitäten has invested in a versatile new filling line, so that it can react more flexibly to the changing packaging requirements of the customers. It also enables the company to expand its sales market, especially in the export of smaller packaging units and the new product variants with vegetable fat to the Asian market.