20/05/2020 | Ingredients, Trends

Ingredion debuts polyol sweetener as sugar replacement

Ingredion launched Erysta, its first polyol sweetener that comes in a range of crystalline particle sizes for different moisture applications. This sugar alcohol is 70 % as sweet as sugar and has zero calorie content. According to a statement from the company, the sweetener is intended to provide an avenue for manufacturers to place value-add labels on their packaging, such as “no added sugar” and “reduced calorie.”

Although not as sweet as sugar, Erysta has an advantage over other sweetener alternatives in that it mimics the mouthfeel that traditional sugar imparts on products. However, despite the manufacturer claiming that this additive is applicable in products like baked goods, chocolate or fruit preparations, the sweetener features a distinct cooling sensation that is transmitted to the foods that are sweetened with this polyol.

It is also helpful that Erysta can be paired with other sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit to increase the level of sweetness while also masking the off tastes for which these two natural sweeteners are notorious. The sugar alcohol is also valuable for its ability to offer a sugar-like mouthfeel to foods that are sweetened with stevia.