25/03/2020 | Ingredients

Finnish start-up bakes bread packed with protein “made out of thin air”

High-protein bread is the next bold step for Finland-based start-up Solar Foods on its quest to disconnect protein production from agriculture. E arlier this year, the food-tech company announced its breakthrough solution, Solein, which enables natural protein production anywhere by using air and electricity. Using this pioneering ingredient and the company’s food laboratory and test kitchen, Solar Foods has been baking bread which the company describes as “living magic.”

The high-protein bread is the latest development for the start-up company founded three years ago to find sustainable solutions to protein production. The bread’s key ingredient Solein is a carbon dioxide-binding, single-cell protein produced using water, CO2 and electricity. The company uses a fully natural fermentation process similar to the production of yeast or lactic acid bacteria, which reduces CO2 emissions. Solar Foods’ process yields a plain protein flour that can be used as a neutral additive across a range of foods, including being used in nutritious food ingredients and, now, bread.