09/03/2020 | Packaging

AR Packaging drives sustainable innovation

AR Packaging aims to be first on the market with commercially viable plastic free trays for the food, on-the-go and food service sectors. The group looks to contribute to innovative process developments of fully fibre based solutions and therefore has joined the PulPac Technology Pool.

Being a leading packaging supplier for a range of industries, AR Packaging is committed to support ground-breaking developments of new packaging solutions with optimized sustainability. There is a clear trend on the market to move away from plastic based packaging without compromising on consumer convenience and product safety. AR Packaging is leading the way in these developments and aims to be the first on the market with dry moulded fibre trays. In line with this strategy, the group has joined the PulPac Technology Pool and thereby gets unique access to optimized processes for putting fully fibre based and renewable single-use products on the market.

PulPac invented dry moulded fibre in 2016. The technology, which dry-moulds pulp into solid packaging and single-use products, is unique and differs from the traditional methods of moulding cellulose and offers a replacement for single-use plastics at a lower price than previously possible.