07/02/2020 | Ingredients

Barry Callebaut inaugurates new Chocolate Academy Centre in Banbury/UK

Barry Callebaut has inaugurated its new Chocolate Academy Centre in Banbury/UK. It will provide customers, global and local food manufacturers, as well as artisans and professional chocolatiers, with improved facilities and support for training. In addition, the Chocolate Academy is a hub for exploring and innovating on the latest trends, techniques and recipes in chocolate. This will also help to meet the growing demand for innovative and high-quality chocolate products in the UK.

The centre in Banbury is part of a global network of 23 Chocolate Academy Centres where artisans and professionals who want to improve their skills in chocolate and learn about new trends, techniques, and recipes are trained. In fiscal year 2018/19, over 60,000 chocolate aficionados participated in these training sessions.