13/01/2020 | Packaging

Cadbury launches paper packaging trial in New Zealand

Mondelez International has launched its Cadbury energy bar in new packaging made from 100 % recyclable sustainably sourced paper that will be trialled and tested exclusively in New Zealand. The trial will test the durability and effectiveness of paper packaging in transport plus gather feedback from consumers. It is the first time the company has used a paper material that does not include laminate, foil or plastic for fully sealed flow-wrap packaging. Many existing paper based food wraps have a thin plastic film to protect the product, but the Cadbury energy paper acts as a barrier to protect food and ensure freshness.

The move follows a similar technical breakthrough in confectionary packaging by Nestlé who announced in summer that its YES! snack bar range will be wrapped in recycled paper for the first time, claiming “a world first” in recyclable packaging. Cara Liebrock, Managing Director, Mondelez International New Zealand, said: “We are committed to making 100 % of our packaging recyclable by 2025”.