27/12/2019 | Packaging

Italian packaging machinery sets record turnover

The Italian packaging machinery industry continues to grow, its total turnover exceeding the record figure of 8 bn Euros registered in 2019. According to the preliminary figures published by the Research Department of Ucima (Italian packaging machinery manufacturers’ association), the sector has seen 1.8 % growth this year.

Specifically, the Italian market has grown by a further 3.2 % to a total of 1.713 bn Euros following last year’s excellent results, partly achieved thanks to the government’s Industry 4.0 incentives. Exports, which account for 78.6 % of total turnover, also rose by 1.4 % to 6.293 bn Euros. The available disaggregated data reveal particularly high levels of performance for exports of Italian technologies to three macro regions: Asia (+12.7 %), EU (+6.5 %) and Africa/Oceania (+3 %).